Suicide & Crisis lifeline: The New 988

It’s been a long time coming, but the suicide crisis has officially hit a new low in 2018. In a nation racked by despair and

man and woman holding each others hands

Romantic Relationship: A Sheer Perfection

When you first meet someone, you may be feeling confused and unsure about how to begin a relationship. Is this the right time for me?

public speaking

Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Cope

If you’ve ever had your hand at a presentation in front of your colleagues or classmates, you probably know what it feels like when you


Mindfulness Tips to Reduce Stress

Did you know that mindfulness can be practiced and nurtured? It is not some magical power that only a few lucky people possess. Mindfulness is

Child Custody

Child Custody: The Role of a Psychologist

A psychologist specializing in family law and child custody disputes must follow certain ethical standards. In particular, he or she should derive their recommendations from

Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis in the Criminal Justice Sector

The FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit uses behavioral analysis to identify violent offenders. The unit works with law enforcement agencies, universities, and intelligence agencies to provide


Psychology Is Something Worth Studying!

Obtaining a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in psychology is a great way to expand your job options. The field is multiplying, and a Ph.D. can open

Kanye West - Bipolar

The Bipolar Behind Kanye’s Erratic Behavior

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Understanding Bipolar Disorder is important for any person living with the disorder. It is a interesting topic given the behavior of Kanye