I have never spoken with anybody. I am used to handle things on my own. People who seek counseling must be weak, right?

Not even close People who seek for assistance are aware of their own needs and have the confidence to reach out. Everyone needs assistance on sometimes. In our work together, I will assist you in identifying your talents and figuring out how to use them to mitigate the impact of the issues you are experiencing.

What is the difference between conversing with you, my closest friend, and my family?

The difference between someone who can do a task and someone who has the skills and experience to perform that task professionally is training and experience. A mental health expert may help you handle your issue differently by teaching you new skills, exposing you to other views, listening to you without judgment or expectations, and assisting you in learning to listen to yourself. Additionally, therapy is entirely confidential. You should not worry about people “discovering my company.” Lastly, if your circumstance stimulates a significant degree of negative emotion and you’ve confided in a friend or family member, there is a chance that, after you’re feeling better, you’ll avoid that person to avoid being reminded of this unpleasant moment in your life.

Why can’t I just take medication?

Medication may be useful, but it cannot treat all problems on its own. Occasionally, medicine is required in addition to therapy. The purpose of our work together is to investigate and unpack the challenges you are facing and to develop your strengths so that you may achieve your own objectives.

How does it work? What am I required to perform during sessions?

Due to the fact that each person has unique challenges and counseling objectives, the approach will vary based on the individual. I adapt my therapy approach to your particular requirements.

How much time will it take?

Unfortunately, this cannot be stated on a standard FAQs page. The amount of time it may take for you to achieve your objectives via therapy relies on your desire for personal growth, your level of dedication, and the circumstances that prompted you to seek counseling in the first place.

I wish to maximize the benefits of treatment. What can I contribute?

I am thrilled that you are committed to maximizing your sessions. Your involvement and commitment will be essential to your success.